Arthur James Goodfellow

9th June 1887 – 7th August 1915. Lancashire Fusiliers (8th Battalion)

Arthur James Goodfellow was a Manchester FC player and Lancashire Fusilier, who was killed in Gallipoli in August 1915 at Lala Baba. He was born in Manchester in 1887, and grew up in Higher Crumpsall and Cheetham (rugby hotbeds, back then), before leaving to attend Oundle School.

Back home, he joined the family business of flogging wholesale cloth, he joined the territorial forces, and he joined Manchester FC. In 1909, he played for the “B” team in the three-quarters.

As a captain in the Salford Fusiliers, Goodfellow quickly volunteered for overseas service, and he was deployed to Suez in 1914. His fiancé Doris Langtry came with him, and they were married in Cairo in January 1915.

The following year, Goodfellow found himself in Gallipoli, where he managed to stay out of trouble for two months. However, on the 7th August, he was killed. Goodfellow’s battalion was defending a captured trench and, when, the counter attack came, Goodfellow did not survive.

His brother-in-law and clubmate, Reginald Redfern Langtry, died in France a month later.

An officer eulogised Goodfellow in despatches. “Quite fearless himself, he made is men a resolute lot, and was always devising some new expedient. He is a real loss to those of us who knew him.”

Goodfellow is buried at Pink Farm Cemetery, Helles, Gallipoli, Grave Sp. Mem. 35.

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