Austin Patrick Hudson

1893 – 31st August 1917. Lancashire Fusiliers (5th Battalion).

“His friends lament the loss of one who possessed, beneath a quiet and somewhat serious demeanour, a whimsical and attractive wit.” – Lancashire Fusiliers Annual, 1917

Austin Patrick Hudson, from Bury, was a Manchester FC player who was killed during the Great War. A son of a Reverend, Hudson grew up around the church of St John’s, Bury, and went to Bury Grammar School for a time before transferring to the Cumbrian independent school St Bee’s.

Hudson entered the world of work with the Bank of England, firstly in London, but he soon returned to Manchester where he continued to ply the banking trade and played rugby for Manchester. According to Bury Grammar School’s Roll of Honour, he joined the war effort on the 19th August 1914, and became a commissioned officer in the Fusiliers’ 5th Battalion, comprised mostly of Bury men.

He joined the Fusiliers on their expeditions to Egypt and Gallipoli. Hudson was wounded during the Second Battle of Krithia, shot in the neck as the Fusiliers were pinned by heavy fire, but unlike many of his teammates, he survived he battle and returned to action the following month. Unfortunately, he was not to survive the Third Battle of Ypres. He was killed bringing rations to his battalion at the front. His comrade George Horridge, who had helped him in Galllipoli when he was shot, saw it happen.

I took two steps, not more, when a big shell fell on the plate I had just been leaning against. A tremendous flash and I was blown down against the side of the trench. I picked myself up realising that as far as I knew, nothing had hit me. There was dead silence. I enquired of the two officers who had been with me. “Are Mr. Mashiter and Mr Hudson here?” There was no reply.

Hudson is commemorated at Tyne Cot Memorial, Belgium, Panels 54-60, 163. His body was not recovered.

Bury Grammar School Roll of Honour
World Rugby Museum

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