James Hamer Clegg

James Hamer Clegg was a Manchester FC player who served in the Manchester Regiment in the First World War. A Captain in the 10th Battalion, Clegg went with the Manchesters to Gallipoli, where he was mortally wounded during the Third Battle of Krithia – yet another attempt to take control of the southern portion of that cursed peninsula. The Allies had been trying since the very first day of the landing in April. They failed again.

Clegg, this “very popular officer”, succumbed to his injuries on the 4th June 1915.  His body was not recovered. Clegg died aged 27, and left a widowed wife at Inglenook, Frederick Street, in Werneth. Before the war, he was joined managing director of Clegg Brothers, Ltd., of Mumps Mill, Oldham.

Clegg is remembered at the Helles Memorial in Gallipoli, Panel 159-171.

Manchester Evening News
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