Manchester Rugby Heritage -Mapped

Manchester FC during the First World War

Rugby union was quick to mobilise after Britain declared war on Germany on the 4th August 1914. Soon after hostilities had commenced, the vast majority of rugby union players had enlisted. Manchester FC was no different. By June 1915 the Manchester Guardian reported that 173 Manchester players past and present had joined up. Many Mancunians, such as […]

George Herbert Annaheim

1892 – 4th October 1918. Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry. Royal Munster Fusiliers. George Herbert Annaheim was born in Bath in 1892. His father James was a language teacher from Switzerland. George was educated at King Edward’s School, Bath, and upon leaving he took up an apprenticeship with the National Provincial Bank of England. Later, […]

Noel Armitage

12th July 1880 – 25th April 1918. Scottish Horse Regiment. Noel Armitage was a former Manchester FC player, from Altrincham, who was killed in action during the First World War at the age of 37. He a born in 1880 to William Armitage, a local cotton dealer, and Margaret Petrie Armitage, from Ashton-under-Lyne. He attended […]

Arthur Frederick Botham

1889 – 18th June 1917. Royal Field Artillery (D Battalion, 6th Brigade) Arthur Frederick Botham was a fine rugby player who played across the country before the war. Born in Islington, London, Botham played for Manchester FC whilst he taught Mathematics at Shrewsbury School. He also regularly represented Cheshire before moving back south in January […]

Archibald Charles Watson Buck

1871 – 9th August 1916. Liverpool Scottish Regiment Archibald Charles Watson Buck was a former Manchester born in Pimlico in 1871, and educated in the Scottish Borders. He spent much of his adult life in and around Liverpool, working as a clerk for the Bank of England, and he was also a Scout Leader, known […]

GD Charlton

GD Charlton was a former Manchester FC player and alumnus of Selwyn College, Cambridge. He served as a lieutenant (and acting captain) in the North Staffordshires, and died during the First World War. Charlton was wounded in France in the spring of 1917, and consequently missed his sister’s wedding. After returning to the front, he […]

Alfred Victor Clegg

1885 – 7th August 1915. Lancashire Fusiliers (6th Battalion) Alfred Victor Clegg was a former Manchester FC player who was a Captain in the 6th Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers during the First World War. Originally from Shore House in Littleborough, near Rochdale, Clegg first played rugby as a three-quarter back during his time at […]

James Hamer Clegg

James Hamer Clegg was a Manchester FC player who served in the Manchester Regiment in the First World War. A Captain in the 10th Battalion, Clegg went with the Manchesters to Gallipoli, where he was mortally wounded during the Third Battle of Krithia – yet another attempt to take control of the southern portion of […]

Robert Leslie Clegg

1887 – 3rd September 1917. 4th Lancashire Fusiliers. Royal Flying Corps. 28961 Robert Leslie Clegg was a former Manchester FC player originally from Holbeck, Windemere. After a cross-continental education, Clegg returned home, and played in the three-quarters for Manchester toward the end of the 1900s. Eventually, Clegg left England and found work in Ceylon (now […]

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